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Buy 6 Get 8 Celebration Crackers: Silver and Ice

$129.99 $199.95

Silver and Ice Christmas Re-Crackers™

These two toned crackers feature a modern minimalist snowflake design in a metallic silver print. This is a new fabric for 2023.

How it Works:

  1. Choose your Re-Cracker fabric. The Re-Crackers come as empty tubes, in a beautiful storage box.
  2. Purchase the Reusable Crowns. This is optional but recommended for the classic Christmas cracker experience.
  3. Your Re-Crackers, the crowns, and the storage box form your base unit which you will reuse for decades to come.
  4. Purchase our Filler Pack so your 12” snaps, jokes, and waste-free tiny gifts arrive on your doorstep each November. Alternatively, just buy the Snap Pack and fill it with your own treats.
  5. Fill your Re-Crackers before Christmas dinner and enjoy!
  6. Throw the crowns and cotton Re-Cracker sleeves in the wash after use, then dry thoroughly before packing away to use next year.

About Christmas Re-Crackers

Introducing our incredible patent-pending Christmas Re-Crackers. All the fun of snapping the crackers and wearing the silly hat without the waste!

Re-Crackers snap apart just like a regular cracker and give the same experience as traditional Christmas crackers.

They're heavy-duty so if a heavy tray of roast potatoes is put on top, they won't break; and they're machine washable if someone drops them in the gravy. Did someone say genius?

Each Re-Cracker is 30cm long and crafted with our selected Christmas fabrics so you can find the best fit for your home and Christmas theme.

Keepsake Box

The Set of 8 Re-Crackers can safely store away in their own sturdy keepsake box to keep them in good nick year after year.

Reusable Crowns - Purchase Separately

We have two styles of crowns to choose from.

High-quality wadded Cotton Crowns with velcro fastening to fit any size head. They are machine washable and in a variety of plain colours - perfect to reuse for kids' parties!

A more budget friendly option, is our Wool Felt crowns, with an elastic fastening. They are able to be spot washed, and come in a small and large sizes. 

Snap Packs - Purchase Separately

You need to load the Re-Crackers for use. Each snap pack contains 24 snaps to make them go bang. 

Buy a set today to reuse for years to come.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jill Pope

Christmas Re-Crackers: Silver and Ice

Roz Campbell

Crackers are fabulous- fillers a little disappointing- not quite up to standard of the actual cracker. Overall lovely though - very pleased.

Tamara Gabb
Silver an ice re-crackers

Absolutely gorgeous, look forward to using them on xmas day

Heidi Cayford
Silver & Ice Recrackers

Love them! Love the fact you can put your own gift in them that won't end up in landfill.