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Waste-free tiny gifts and snaps to fill your Re-Crackers

Our crackers are a top end luxury product and our filler packs are too! Unlike disposable "luxury crackers" which have mass produced mini items made in China, all our fillers are hand made in New Zealand. These are items you can use, and won't sit in a junk drawer for the next decade. We hand pour all the candles, mix our own lip balm mixture, pour the oils and wrap the soaps then label each item by hand. 

We are also offering our Filler Packs by subscription. Sign up now and each November, (and June if you choose) your fillers will arrive on your doorstep so you never need to lift a finger. We also recommend buying multiple fillers packs so you can use your Re-Crackers multiple times each season. If you subscribe, you receive a discount on the filler packs each year! 

The 2023 Filler Pack* for 8 crackers:

  • x8 12 inch snaps
  • x8 jokes
  • one bathbomb
  • one lipbalm
  • one candle
  • one pack of toothpaste tabs
  • one bottle of peppermint essential oil
  • one jar of bath salts
  • one bar of sweet orange, lavender and peppermint soap
  • one $3 donation token to Starship Foundation

Annual Subscription Price $45.00 NZD (Full retail price - $55.00)

You will be billed on November 25th 2023, this creates the order and we will post it out to you. 

*Items may be subject to change if our regular pack sells out. Other items that may be substituted include:

Anxietea in a reusable tea bag
Dish soap
Shrewsbury fridge magnet
Cotton face scrubbie
Reusable water balloon
Dental floss
Massage oil


Why we love our waste-free tiny gifts.

No more plastic crap in crackers! Not even imported 'eco-friendly' crap. Our filler packs feature plastic-free, NZ-made little items. 

What's even better, is that one mini gift is a token donating to Starship Foundation. We are so excited that our re-crackers are not only reusable, durable and gorgeous, but they work with local NZ businesses AND benefit charity.

We are super excited to see where this will lead in years to come as our Christmas Re-crackers serve the local community in a gorgeous way on Christmas Day instead of adding to the huge pile of waste with more junk that no one wants. We have turned crackers on their head so we can all embrace our long-held traditions.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 30 reviews
    Makes amazing homemade crackers!

    I've bought these filler packs for about 3 years now. My friends/family love the items they get from the cracker filler pack, and it's awesome to put in things they can really use, as well as support the NZ businesses that make the items.
    Will keep buying and recommending to others!

    Greer Groves
    Filler Pack

    Amazing, didn't expect such great items so useful. Not too keen on the crayons 'tho. Suggest maybe filler pack for kids and one for adults would be useful. Thanks

    Marilyn Denton-Giles
    Great little gifts ..

    Perfect gifts to put in the xmas crackers. Loved the egg carton packaging they came in which is also eco friendly. Good job Ladies


    Wonderful, exciting fillers


    Appreciate this clever thinking.

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