Reusable Gifting Supplies

We realise that even though tissue paper is recyclable and necessary to keep fragile things safe we could make this better. Our reusable tissue wraps have pretty designs making them gorgeous, are made of strong muslin and have elasticised bands on the corners to secure the item. And using these stops the single-use element of tissue paper, and avoids the plastic sleeves it comes in.

Reusable Gift TagsSet of 5 reusable wooden gift tags with soapstone pencil

Reusable Gift Tags

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Reusable Gifting Supplies


Gift tags have become reusable!

Our gift tags are made with wood and chalk paint. Write your message, thread onto the gift bags and then wipe clean for use another time.


Our reusable Gift Tags come in a set of 5. Tags are 12cm long and 7cm wide (almost twice as big as $2 shop tags) so there is enough space to write a lovely message.

The tags are designed to be threaded onto the ribbons of our bags so do not come with a string. The back of the tags has been hand-stamped with lovely words that are appropriate for any celebration.

These are fabulous year-round but they will truly save you time! Invest now -- save time, money and your sanity later!

Our Tags are made in New Zealand and come in a compostable bag.


Tissue paper that's not paper!


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Whilst we were busy getting rid of single-use wrapping paper, we decided to push this even further and imagined up reusable tissue wrap. Our Tissue Wraps are 63x63cm 140gsm cotton voile (muslin) with two elastic loops on opposite corners. They keep fragile and awkwardly shaped items safe from bumps and scratches (better than layers of tissue paper would do) and they are beautiful. Features Happy Everything artwork and words hand-drawn by my second eldest daughter Lucy.

We sell these in packs of 3 for $44 - Yes you could buy cheap tissue paper sold in plastic sleeves and throw it all away once it's used but our Tissue Wraps are faster to wrap, prettier, don't need sticky tape, and we love that these will be used over and over again!

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