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Why you'll love Waste Free Celebrations

Christmas Re-Crackers™

Designed to preserve tradition and reduce waste. We have cancelled those awful throw away cracker with plastic 'gifts' that make Christmas crackers so unappealing.

Buy our beautifully hand made, patent-pending, Re-Crackers with reusable cotton crowns that are ready to fill with plastic-free gifts and snaps.

Our Re-Crackers come with reusable cotton crowns that fit every head and can be used for years to come.

Yes, they can be re-loaded each year for years of future use. Yes, they have reusable crowns, and yes, they are machine washable!

The real ‘jewel in this crown’ are our Filler packs which include plastic-free, NZ-made items from small businesses around the country. No plastic crap, and not even imported ‘eco-friendly' crap. All our items are carefully curated to be kind on the planet and directly benefit local businesses.

We even have one donation token so each Christmas we raise money for charity! This year donations will go to Te Kakano Trust.

Our Filler packs contain the 12 inch snaps that give you the explosive bang. If you purchase our Filler Packs as an annual subscription you will be first in line next year to receive our 2022 curated set with the 12 inch snaps and you will get a 15% discount each year!

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Christmas Gift Bags

Say good-bye to wrapping paper and sticky tape; stop ransacking the house for a pair of scissors at 11pm on Christmas Eve; wrap that 7-sided dollhouse on wheels in four seconds flat and make clean-up on Christmas morning a breeze. Once you've switched to bags you will never go back to paper! Our bags are pro-planet, 100% cotton and look beautiful under the tree. Best of all, they will last generations and create your own family tradition as they get handed down the generations.  

Our mission is to take the waste out of the most excessive time of the year: no more wrapping paper, ribbons, sticky tape, gift tags, or tissue going to the bins. Combined with our reusable Christmas crackers, we can remove most single-use waste from December 25.

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Santa Sacks

Here at Waste Free Celebrations we wanted to design a Santa Sack that would last the decades, that a child would love as they grew older, that was sized to fit a lot or a little, and would look beautiful under the Christmas tree. We wanted to provide a product that was made in NZ and provided design options outside of "calico with a screen printed deer head". We have a growing collection of fabrics and ribbon available to suit modern and more traditional tastes.

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Our set of 10 sew-your-own reusable gift bags are designed for the amateur home-sewer! If you can sew in a straight line and use an iron, then you're good to go. This is a perfect Christmas craft project and a great way to teach your kids to sew. 

Each pack contains:

Pre-cut fabric for a 10-bag set
One spool of 100% recycled Gutterman thread
Ribbon of your choice
Safety pin for threading
Instruction sheet
x10 'Handmade by me' tags

The SYO set of 10 is exactly the same as our fully made sets which retail for $145 (huge, large, medium, x2 small, x2 tiny, x2 book, x1 bottle). 

So, break out the sewing machine, clear off the dining table and sew yourself into a reusable Christmas!

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Reusable Gift tags and Tissue

Whilst we were busy getting rid of single use wrapping paper, we decided to push this even further and imagined up reusable tissue wrap. Our Tissue Wraps are 63x63cm 140gsm cotton voile (muslin) with two elastic loops on opposite corners. They keep fragile and awkwardly shaped items safe from bumps and scratches.

Our reusable Gift Tags are designed to be threaded onto the ribbons of our bags so do not come with a string. The back of the tags has been hand stamped with lovely words that are appropriate for any celebration. 

These are fabulous year-round but they will truly save you time! Invest now -- save time, money and your sanity later!

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Happy Everything Gift Bags

For everyone, for every occasion: Happy Everything

Birthdays, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Valentines, or just because; get rid of the single use wrapping paper and non-recyclable gift bags and say hello to our Happy Everything range. Get your coffee group or pre-school converted so all those kids parties have their own circular bag economy going around and around. We offer fundraising options for preschools and schools that want to implement a reusable culture.

We also make reusable Happy Everything gift tags, designed to slide onto our ribbons and pens to write on these. Personalised embroidered oversize gift tags, and our very own answer to tissue paper; our tissue wraps!

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