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Waste Free Celebrations


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There is no need to celebrate with disposable trash. Give joy, not waste.

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Reusable Gift Bags

Say good-bye to wrapping paper and sticky tape; stop ransacking the house for a pair of scissors at 11pm on Christmas Eve. With our reusable Christmas gift bags you will wrap that 7-sided dollhouse on wheels in four seconds flat and make clean-up on Christmas morning a breeze. Once you've switched to bags you will never go back to paper!

Our bags are pro-planet, 100% cotton and look beautiful under the tree. Best of all, they will last generations and create your own family tradition as they get handed down the generations.  

Our mission is to take the waste out of the most excessive time of the year: no more wrapping paper, ribbons, sticky tape, gift tags, or tissue going to the bins.

Combined with our reusable Christmas crackers, we can remove most single-use waste from December 25.

Meet Emma

Hello! Curious?

I have always gone ‘slightly’ overboard Christmas. Too much food, too many costumes, drowning in decorations and spending waaay too much money on things that don’t last – or if they do last it’s because they’re plastic and will outlast me and another 20 generations.

I was sick of the waste, sick of wrapping presents for hours and hours on Christmas eve, fighting with the sellotape and searching the house for a pair of scissors.

I embarked on a journey to craft reusable bags, realistic Christmas crackers and even fabric tissue paper.

Now, everything is wrapped in half an hour! Then on Christmas morning the kids easily stuff everything back into the biggest gift bag.

I thought I was onto something great when family and friends requested their own. After thousands of happy customers, tens of thousands of crackers and hundreds of thousands of gift bags, I am sure.

Emma Conyngham

Poppin' Crackers

Designed to preserve tradition and reduce waste. We have cancelled those awful throw away cracker with plastic 'gifts' that make Christmas crackers so unappealing.

Our beautifully hand made, patent-pending, Christmas Crackers can be re-loaded each year for years of future use. 

Yes, they are machine washable!

They come as empty cracker sleeves ready to fill with a 'snap', reusable crowns, and gifts.

Manufacturing in Kabul, Afghanistan

We have moved our manufacturing to Kabul, Afghanistan by doing this, our production costs are lowered and we can pass this on to you! But it was mostly a heart decision because that's who we are.

Our head of production, Rahila, who has worked for us for the last three years has returned to Kabul to set up our factory where we employ vulnerable women who are experiencing immeasurable hardship.

Our product is merely the vehicle we use to assist women in dire circumstances. I lived there in 2004-2006 as a humanitarian so I know the people and landscape really well -- hence my ongoing relationship with the Afghan community. 

–Emma Conyngham

About Us
A candle in a glass jar sitting on top of reusable tissue wrap
A photo showing a present wrapped in reusable tissue wrap

Reusable gift tags and tissue wrap

Whilst we were busy getting rid of single use wrapping paper, we decided to push this even further and imagined up reusable tissue wrap. Our Tissue Wraps are 63x63cm 140gsm cotton voile (muslin) with two elastic loops on opposite corners. They keep fragile and awkwardly shaped items safe from bumps and scratches.

Our reusable Gift Tags are designed to be threaded onto the ribbons of our bags so do not come with a string. The back of the tags has been hand stamped with lovely words that are appropriate for any celebration. 

These are fabulous year-round but they will truly save you time! Invest now -- save time, money and your sanity later!

As seen in

Meet the Muslim women making eco-friendly reusable Christmas crackers.

Quiyi Tan. New Zealand Herald

From crackers to wrapping paper, why is it that Christmas always gives the gift of waste?

Hilary Barry & Jeremy Wells. TVNZ

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2024 Reusable Celebrations Products In Stock

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Now our reusable Christmas crackers are award winning :)

We are so proud of our Christmas re-crackers! Which won both a gold medal and the editor's choice award at the Australian Clean & Conscious Awards.

Three cracker and gift bag reviews


The crackers arrived today and are beautiful! Super quick delivery and presented in a lovely box.
A real treasure to bring out each year. Awesome!


I LOVE my bags!! They look gorgeous, take seconds to pack and no clean-up, just popped away for next year. Genius


We loved using our bags at Christmas time. Now my Mum and sister are planning to do it too.