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Construction Gingerbread Recipe

by Emma Conyngham
Gingerbread is my thing. It's a tradition I started when my baby was one and no Christmas would be Christmas without a gingerbread house! It's a la...

Cotton, carbon, and pollution

by Emma Conyngham
We are pretty realistic about the downsides to certain steps and some materials in our products. But we believe the use of digital printing for the fabrics, combined with an intended life-long use of our product (not regularly discarded like fast fashion, or typical celebration wastes) makes our reusable bags and Re-Crackers better in the long run.

NZ businesses pitch in to help former refugees sew for Christmas

by Emma Conyngham

When I asked former refugee women in Auckland to start sewing for Waste Free Celebrations, I did not anticipate their level of enthusiasm. I thought they might be happy to have the work, but let's face it, Christmas is a christian tradition and I wasn't sure they'd jump at the chance to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Muslim refugees pitch in to save Christmas tradition

by Emma Conyngham

Fourteen Afghan women refugees in Auckland are joining the Waste-Free Celebrations Sewing Circle to produce reusable gift bags and reusable Christmas Re-Crackers™ for Christmas this year.

Christmas waste statistics

by Emma Conyngham

Just how much food and drink (and packaging) do we get through at Christmas?

For many of us, overindulging in food (and / or drink!) is our favourite part of the Christmas season. However, the amount and type of packaging that these foods use is often given little thought.

The Perils of Paper

by Emma Conyngham
I choose cotton because I love what reusable means to consumerism: reusable fabric gift bags are designed to reduce the cycle of endless consumption… always buying, always getting the next best thing. Reusable means being part of the circular economy; it means making do with what we have and reusing it until it dies. 

Wow. Just wow.

by Emma Conyngham
In a decade, we predict wrapping paper and disposable crackers will be a thing of the past. Are you in?