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CLEARANCE Set of 8 felt crowns

$37.50 $49.95

Reusable Christmas cracker crowns and party hats

All the colour, all the fun and all the tradition! What's a cracker without a crown?
But instead of slipping down your face or tearing in the first three seconds, our reusable crowns can be used year after year and fit all heads. 

Our felt crowns are a more budget friendly option than our multicoloured cotton crowns. The felt crowns are made of pure wool, with elastic and come in red only. Each pack comes with a mix of large (small to large adult) and small (for toddlers to adolescents). (A set of 8 has four small and four large, and a set of 4 has two small and two large).

The crowns are also perfect as party hats so bring them out for your kids birthday or nana's 90th. 

Or if you have already bought the Re-Crackers without the reusable crowns you can buy them here as you can afford them.

These are great alternatives to the single-use party hats you can buy, elastic fastenings mean it fits any head.

Invest now for years of use.


Wool felt is not machine washable so they can only be spot cleaned. If you want a more durable option that can be hot washed after each wear, our cotton crowns are a better option.


Made in China.

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Natalie Thomson
So excited for Xmas!

I absolutely love the products. Looking forward to a festive Christmas with minimal waste!