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Christmas Re-Crackers: Nutcracker


Nutcracker Christmas Re-Crackers™

This fabric features a large image of a gorgeous vintage nutcracker figure on a white background, finished off with black satin ribbon. Designed here in NZ, exclusively for Waste Free Celebrations.

How it Works:

  1. Choose your Re-Cracker fabric. The Re-Crackers come as empty tubes, in a beautiful storage box.
  2. Purchase the Reusable Crowns. This is optional but recommended for the classic Christmas cracker experience.
  3. Your Re-Crackers, the crowns, and the storage box form your base unit which you will reuse for decades to come.
  4. Purchase our snap packs to make them go bang. 
  5. Fill your Re-Crackers before Christmas dinner and enjoy!
  6. Throw the crowns and cotton Re-Cracker sleeves in the wash after use, then dry thoroughly before packing away to use next year.

About Christmas Re-Crackers

Introducing our incredible patent-pending Christmas Re-Crackers. All the fun of snapping the crackers and wearing the silly hat without the waste!

Re-Crackers snap apart just like a regular cracker and give the same experience as traditional Christmas Crackers.

They're heavy-duty so if a heavy tray of roast potatoes is put on top, they won't break; and they're machine washable if someone drops them in the gravy. Did someone say genius?

Each Re-Cracker is 30cm long and crafted with our selected Christmas fabrics so you can find the best fit for your home and Christmas theme.

Keepsake Box

The Set of 6 Re-Crackers can safely store away in their own sturdy keepsake box to keep them in good nick year after year.

Reusable Crowns - Purchase Separately

We have two styles of crowns to choose from.

High-quality wadded Cotton Crowns with velcro fastening to fit any size head. They are machine washable and in a variety of plain colours - perfect to reuse for kids' parties!

A more budget friendly option, is our Wool Felt Crowns, with an elastic fastening. They are able to be spot cleaned, and come in a small and large sizes. 

Snap Packs: Purchase Separately

You need to load the Re-Crackers for use. 


How to Use

Make sure you watch our video on how to load them, and how to pull them to make sure they work perfectly. The biggest difference with a disposable Christmas cracker is that the snap is not glued in so you need to hold it firmly with one hand, then place your other hand on top to hold the fabric.

If Big Uncle Dave does sit on a cracker and squash the tube, we can replace the cardboard tubing for $3 per half. Hold onto the cotton sleeve as these will last for years.

Buy a set today to reuse for years to come.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Omg the cutest! Love them so much. They lies fab on our Christmas table and can’t wait to pull them out for mid winter Christmas


Fantastic idea, fantastic fun

Lorraine Ellery
Creative crackers

The crackers are awesome. Love the box they come in too. We made our own last year but this will be much easier. Thankyou.


Stunning! Love them!!


A little bit disappointed in this product. I had presumed for the price is get the whole product and have to get the inserts later. quality is okay, but wouldn't recommend to others.