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CLEARANCE Hanukkah Reusable Gift Bags (2023 sizes/print)

$39.99 $69.95
  • Fabric gift bags to replace wrapping paper and sticky tape.
  • Durable 100% cotton, to be reused for decades.
  • Gifts take moments to ‘wrap’ and awkward shapes fit beautifully.
  • Features a satin ribbon made from 100% recycled water bottles.
  • Designed in New Zealand.

“I LOVE my bags!! They look gorgeous, take seconds to pack and no clean-up, just popped away for next year. Genius” — Andrea

Reusability and the environment

After researching plastic, paper, and fabric’s impact on the environment it was obvious that the best impact you can make is to reuse products for a long, long time. See our blog The Perils of Paper for statistics and research.

You’ll love cotton gift bags because of their long life. Get your whole extended family to buy a set so whenever you exchange gifts, they circulate back and forth between you all. Goodbye, endless consumption and goodbye single-use wrapping paper and tape!

Buy these bags and reuse them for decades!Your set of 5 gift bags 

1 Large bag. 44 x 58cm

Large bags work well for large beach towels, handbags, board games, helmets, toy sets, and adult shoe boxes.

1 Medium bag. 35 x 50cm

Use the Medium for your smaller items such as PJs and togs, kids shoe boxes, small toy sets and games, make-up or toiletry bags, a bluetooth portable speaker, or headphones.

1 Book bag. 27 x 40cm.

A bit self-explanatory here, but being a reasonably sized bag this can be used for all sorts of other gifts as well. These will, however, fit your US trade size novels, and many of the recipe books you find at book stores.

1 Small bag. 18 x 25cm

Perfect for the kids fidget toys, it also would fit a new phone or watch, a keep-cup, candle, fragrance, or console games.

1 Tiny bag. 12 x 17cm

These cuties will hold the small and precious items such as jewellery, a deck of cards, wireless earpods, or a gift card, otherwise fill them with candy, or small fidgets for the kids’ stocking fillers.

How long does it take you to wrap presents?

The reality for many is that the holiday season is both wonderful and mental. You have to find the wrapping paper, tape, scissors, ribbons, gift tags—now the hours of wrapping begins!

When you use fabric gift bags you will get your holidays back. Spend time with family and food rather than hiding in a room, wrapping presents on the sly for hours. 

“Fabulous, I love mine. We had only a small box of rubbish this year compared to our usual pile. The bags look amazing under the tree” — Sarah

"My goodness, Christmas Eve was awesome ..... so stress-free!!!” — Theresa

Get all of Hanukkah organised

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