Christmas Gift Bags

Christmas gift bags for presents are a way for you to reduce the time you spend on gift wrapping. They allow you to reuse the bags time and time again. And, you’re able to reduce waste more efficiently during the time of year where you’re completely entitled to go a little overboard. 

Wrap gifts in moments. Reuse for decades.

Set of ten reusable Christmas gift bags in American Plaid. Bags are black and red check with a white satin ribbon.Set of five reusable Christmas gift bags in American Plaid. Bags are black and red check with a white satin ribbon.
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American Plaid Reusable Gift Bags

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Set of ten reusable Christmas gift bags in Santas Mail. Bags are white with black Christmas postage stamps on them, tied with a red satin ribbon.Set of five reusable Christmas gift bags in Santas Mail. Bags are white with black Christmas postage stamps on them, tied with a red satin ribbon.

Santa's Mail Reusable Gift Bags

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Set of ten reusable Christmas gift bags in HOHOHO. Bags are red with the words HOHOHO in large white lettering. Bags are tied with a white satin ribbon.Set of five reusable Christmas gift bags in HOHOHO. Bags are red with the words HOHOHO in large white lettering. Bags are tied with a white satin ribbon.

HOHOHO Reusable Gift Bags

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Set of ten reusable Christmas gift bags in Ornament. Bags are black with colourful Christmas ornaments hanging off Christmas branches. Bags are tied with yellow satin ribbon.Set of five reusable Christmas gift bags in Ornament. Bags are black with colourful Christmas ornaments hanging off Christmas branches. Bags are tied with yellow satin ribbon.

Ornament Reusable Gift Bags

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Bottle Reusable Gift BagsBottle Reusable Gift Bags
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Bottle Reusable Gift Bags

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Customer love


"We had only a small box of rubbish this year compared to our usual pile. The bags look amazing under the tree."


"I LOVE my bags!! They look gorgeous, take seconds to pack and no clean-up, just popped away for next year. Genius."



Our customers thoroughly enjoyed the ease last Christmas, and their testimonials raved about how staying up until midnight on Christmas eve wrapping Christmas presents was a thing of the past. It was pretty clear that it's not just the environmental benefits of fabric gift bags that people were loving. Our bags make Christmas fun again because they're beautiful and they reduce stress!

If you’re conscious about your consumption, especially during the holidays, then our Christmas gift bags are just what you need this sensational season.

These gorgeous bags are designed to fit presents of any shape and size. No more struggling to wrap awkwardly shaped presents. From extra-large Christmas gift bags to mini Christmas gift bags and several sizes in-between, you can mix and match from your pack of Christmas gift bags to suit you.

Not only are they extremely economical in the long term, but they look amazing under the tree as well. We have chosen on-point patterns and designs with our luxury Christmas gift bags to appeal to every seasonal theme.

As we all know, Santa himself arrives with a sack of presents, so why not copy the master himself and adapt to this new and innovative way of reducing waste and time spent on wrapping gifts.

This quick and easy gift wrapping for Christmas bags and boxes is quickly becoming a popular method with more and more influential names touting it to be one of the best ways that we can improve upon our sustainability practices at home during the holidays.

Take a look at our beautiful selection above to find the Christmas gift bag collection that will look the best under your tree this year and for countless years to come. You won’t be disappointed with the variety and the versatility these Christmas bags for presents can offer.



Sustainable and reusable Christmas bags for presents


If you’re also like us, then you’re also keenly conscious about the waste that accumulates at this time of year. It becomes horrendously obvious around boxing day. This is, when all presents have been removed from their packaging and stuffed in the rubbish bin alongside mountains of gift wrapping.

Brazenly erupting from my bin as I wheel it down the driveway, many balls of coloured paper,  sticky tape unfortunately still attached, ended their very short life cycles. The much-awaited post-Christmas recycling day becomes somewhat of a walk of shame.




How long does it take you to wrap presents?


Environmentally aside, the reality for many mums is that Christmas Eve is both wonderful and mental. Get the wrapping paper and gift tags, find the tape, locate the scissors, unpack the ribbons and hope they are the right length -- and now you are ready to wrap! All you need to do is lock the cat and the dog in the laundry because pets + wrapping paper = disaster. While doing this, you also note the pav should be in the oven by now, the turkey should be brining and you still have the vacuuming to do before everyone arrives tomorrow. Just. A. Bit. Stressful.

For me, wrapping everything for all the kids, the extended family, the family friends etc took around 4-5 hours. My husband tried to help because he is total sweetness but he is also all thumbs and like most men, enjoys wrapping Christmas presents about as much as having a root canal.


Gift bags for Christmas are a forward-thinking choice.


I’ve made conscious changes to my Christmas shopping to be a little more sustainable over the years and this has been a huge effort on my part. Many popular brands and companies are not on my side when it comes to reducing our environmental impact. If the struggle is real for you as well, then you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

I knew I was onto a winner when after creating these Xmas wrapping bags one year that a few of my close family and friends followed suit. I know that many people want nothing more than to do the right thing when it comes to sustainable shopping and eco-conscious decisions, but they run out of time and energy to make it happen.


2018, My first 150 reusable Christmas Gift Bags.


Christmas gift bags: your long-term solution.


That’s why we created these Christmas wrapping bags. It is as if all of the hard work has been done for you. You can enjoy a Christmas that is that little bit less stressful and time consuming without needing to wrap presents or concern yourself with the aftermath.

Because these Christmas gift bags are reusable, then this year’s investment is going to pay for itself time and time again as you pull out your bags next Christmas, or even begin swapping them with friends and family.


There are heaps of Xmas gift bag designs to choose from.


Although our collections do include mixed sets if this appeals to you, many of the Christmas gift bags in our line are of a single design. The uniformity looks luxurious underneath a tree and you can find a pattern that best suits your taste.

Whether you are looking for cheap Christmas gift bags that are fun and easy to use or are seeking a way to be both sustainable and chic with luxury Christmas gift bag options, then we are confident that we have the right pack for you.


Set of 10 HOHOHO Gift Bags.

Choosing Xmas wrapping bags over the traditional paper.


If you’ve arrived here having been drawn into the idea of using Xmas gift bags over wasteful paper this year, then welcome. You are a part of an innovative collective of those who are seeking creative options for change. Creative options to improve both their own lives as well as making small but significant steps for the planet.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages that choosing Xmas wrapping bags to have over traditional Christmas paper so that you can see the value in your decision to join us on this wild side.


Benefits of Christmas bags for presents.

  • Reusable. Stuff them all inside the largest one at the end of the present unwrapping scene and keep them with your Christmas decorations until next year!
  • Less time-consuming. Rather than spending time unrolling, cutting, folding and sellotaping presents together, which can be tedious and downright difficult, you can pop your presents in a bag, tie the top and they are ready to be left under the tree.
  • They make great gifts on their own! For the keen sewer or someone who is capable of sewing in a straight line, you can make your own Christmas gift bags or give the gift of craft to another. There is a detailed set of instructions and everything you need to create your own.
  • Sustainable. Every small effort we make towards reducing our waste creates larger changes when more people become involved. By reducing paper waste during a time of year when consumption explodes can only be a positive thing.
  • Beautiful. The cloth designs have been carefully chosen to appeal to a wide range of people and all of them look eye-catching underneath a Christmas tree. We are confident that you will find a Christmas design that suits the seasonal theme in your household, whether it’s a Traditional Christmas or something a little closer to home.
  • Durable. We ensure supreme quality with every bag sewn, from the quality of the material to the strength of the stitch. Rest assured knowing that these Christmas gift bags are long-lasting, hard-wearing items designed to be used time and time again.


The struggles of traditional choices


OK, so after considering these few advantages, perhaps it might be useful to think about some of the problems you specifically face with using gift wrapping paper.

  • The stress of perfectionism. How many times have you lamented over an awkwardly shaped gift and the struggle to wrap the thing so that it looks halfway decent?
  • Waste. The average household uses 4 rolls of gift wrap and a roll and a half of sellotape every Christmas season. Consider that an extra 30% of waste is produced over the festive season compared to any other time of year.
  • Running out of paper! (or tape!) Never a desirable Christmas Eve situation to be in.


A pack of Christmas gift bags that fits all


Coming from a family that is serious about gift-giving, I have learned that when it comes to Christmas gift boxes or rather any boxes for gifts, that one size certainly does not fit all.

We took time in determining the best sizes for our Christmas bags for presents so that they were able to suit every family. By providing a series of different sizes in each Christmas gift bag set, you can know that your gifts are going to be easily accommodated and that you can make the most of your Christmas present box alternatives.

Take a look at the selection of sizes we have available within each mixed set.

  • Santa sacks. 52x72cm. These extra-large Christmas gift bags are designed for multiple gifts to be stuffed inside or for that awkwardly shaped gift.

  • Large gift bags. 44x58cm. Such large Xmas gift bags can be used to fit things like beach towels, board games, kids shoe boxes and toiletry bags. Within our sets, we also provide two book bags, slightly smaller than a large Christmas bag that fits a standard-sized book.

  • Medium gift bags. 35x50cm Use for your smaller items such as PJs and togs, kids shoe boxes, small toy sets and games, make-up or toiletry bags, a bluetooth portable speaker, or headphones.

  • Book gift bags. 27x 40cm. A bit self-explanatory here, but being a reasonably sized bag this can be used for all sorts of other gifts as well. These will, however, fit your US trade size novels, and many of the recipe books you find at book stores.

  •  Bottle bag. 18x42cm. These will fit the standard glass bottles of your favourite drop but they can be used for any long narrow gifts, like pencil cases for the kids or a hammer for dad (or mum).

  • Small gift bags. 23x30cm. Fit a phone, candle or fragrance in here. 

  • Tiny gift bags. 12x17cm. Size doesn’t mean anything when it comes to gifts. Will fit jewellery, a gift card or earpods.


Showing what fits in a set of 10 of one of our Mixed Kiwiana fabric. 


    Considering Christmas boxes for gifts?


    There are a few advantages that a Christmas bag for gifts have over gift boxes for Christmas. You have a little more flexibility when it comes to making your gift look right in soft wrapping than you do in a more rigid gift box.

    Xmas gift boxes take up a lot of space under the tree and although they can be reused, they rarely are due to damage and the difficulty in storing them for the remaining 11 months of the year.

    Although both Christmas bags and boxes are great alternatives to traditional Christmas wrapping, your one truly sustainable and hassle-free choice has to be investing in a pack of Christmas gift bags that enable you to undoubtedly reuse them time and time again.


    An affordable yet luxurious choice in Christmas gift bags.


    We are so excited for you to be able to enjoy using these Christmas gift bags to make your Christmas tree stand out and look delightful in the lead up to Christmas Day.

    Make a choice that is sustainable. Both to the planet and to your wallet. Forget buying needless waste and start spending wisely during these difficult times.

    If you do not want to be a part of this throwaway culture that defines the 21st century, then start small and keep confidently walking in the right direction with us.

    An entirely kiwi made product, support your local business and know that we are doing what we can to support others in our community as well.

    A gift bag that keeps on giving, our sets of Christmas gift bags are an initiative born out of consideration, compassion and creativity. Whether you decide to make your own out of our available sets or just enjoy the quick convenience, we wish you a very merry Christmas for now and for the future.


    Set of 10 Reusable Christmas bags in our own Ornament fabric.

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