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Sew Your Own Vintage Santa Re-Crackers

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In this Sew Your Own pack you will receive:

  • Large storage box
  • Pre-cut fabric for eight Re-Crackers (eight thin and eight fat pieces)
  • 16 pieces of ribbon
  • 8 'Handmade by me" tags
  • 1 spool of 100% recycled Gutterman thread. 
  • 16 custom-made tubes (eight thin and eight fat)
  • Instructions

These crackers are easy to sew but you will need a sewing machine: they cannot be done by hand. We recommend using an overlocker but you can also zig-zag the raw edges if you don't have one. As a last resort, you can also use pinking shears on the raw edges although you will need to be prepared for the "frayed" look as the years go on and the sleeves go in and out of the wash. 

You also need to be able to sew an accurate 8mm seam so if you're teaching a child to sew, they may need assistance at this point. If it's 10mm you won't get the sleeve onto the tube and if it's 6mm it will be all baggy and wrinkled. 

You also need strong hands to pull the sleeves onto the tubes so if the arthritis is playing up, get someone else to pull the sleeves on. 

We recommend purchasing with the filler pack for the total Re-Cracker experience. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
best idea ever

Love the idea of being able to create my own crackers to suit who is there for Xmas year after year. Clean, easy and simple to do.

Pauline Paterson

Sew Your Own Vintage Santa Re-Crackers

Paula Bernasconi

Sew Your Own Vintage Santa Recrackers

Carolyn Driver-Burgess
Sew Your Own Vintage Recrackers

I found the sew-your-own cracker instructions easy to follow and I loved the finished product. I appreciate that there is a lower cost option to these great crackers. I do have a problem in that there was a mixup in my order and I have received no follow-up to the email I sent. I ordered 2 packs of cracker snaps, and was only sent one.

Make your own crackers

love these! planning to order more to make up my numbers. Easy instructions & also a video if you get stuck