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Santa Sacks


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  • Fabric Christmas gift bags to replace wrapping paper and sticky tape.
  • Durable 100% cotton, handsewn in New Zealand to be resued for decades.
  • Gifts take moments to ‘wrap’ and awkward shapes fit beautifully.

“I LOVE my bags!! They look gorgeous, take seconds to pack and no clean-up, just popped away for next year. Genius” — Andrea


Reusability and the environment

After researching plastic, paper, and fabric’s impact on the environment it was obvious that the best impact you can make is to reuse products for a long, long time. See our blog The Perils of Paper for statistics and research.

You’ll love cotton gift bags because of their long life. Get your whole extended family to buy a set so whenever you exchange gifts, they circulate back and forth between you all. Goodbye, endless consumption and goodbye single-use wrapping paper and tape!

Buy these bags and reuse them for decades!

Gift bag Descriptions

Santa Sacks

Santa Sack/Huge bags are the size of a standard pillowcase. They measure 53 x 72cm. 

How long does it take you to wrap presents?

The reality for many is that Christmas Eve is both wonderful and mental. You have to find the wrapping paper, tape, scissors, ribbons, gift tags—now the hours of wrapping begins!

When you use fabric gift bags you will get your Christmas eve back. Spend it watching that Christmas movie with a glass of wine.

“Fabulous, I love mine. We had only a small box of rubbish this year compared to our usual pile. The bags look amazing under the tree” — Sarah

"My goodness, Christmas Eve was awesome ..... so stress-free!!!” — Theresa

Get all of Christmas organised

Gift wrap is just single-use packaging with fancy designs and pretty colours. At the end of the day, it's no different to the junk packaging on food or other consumables that fill our landfill every day. By choosing reusable cotton bags, you can wrap all your presents each year without a shred of rubbish -- and they look beautiful under the tree too!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Love it

Beautiful quality, lovely service.

Wonderful product

My son is delighted with the Santa sack, it’s gorgeous and should last many years.

Barbara Newman
Life in Beautiful Fabrics

Love the quality & design of the fabric bags I bought. I want to keep them for myself! I will so enjoy sharing them with others. Also the discounted price fitted my budget perfectly. Thank you. Barbara

Monique J
Great Bags!

Love your huge bags, quality fabric & great size. Not sure I want to give them away this Christmas 🤣

Anna Evans
Awesome idea and great quality

I purchased three extra large bags for wrapping Christmas presents. The bags are large, well sewed and strong. The beautiful ribbon will make my gifts the prettiest under the tree for a long time to come. Thanks very much