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CLEARANCE Hard Hats Required Set of 4 Reusable Gift Bags

$34.99 $49.95

This fabric is perfect for any kid who's crazy about construction! Bulldozers, concrete mixers, tip trucks... with a large bag all the way down to tiny, your little one will know it's a good day when one of these bags are pulled out of the cupboard. The NEON orange ribbon is the same colour of a high-vis jacket.

These bags are 100% cotton, with neon orange satin ribbon and all handmade in Wānaka.

Set of 4 reusable gift bags

The perfect set for something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read. This set of 4 comes with a Tiny, Small, Medium, and Large bag. Individually the bags are worth $60.

Large bags are 44 x 58cm

Large bags work well for large beach towels, handbags, board games, helmets, toy sets, and adult shoe boxes.

Medium are 35 x 50cm

Use the Medium for your smaller items such as PJs and togs, kids shoe boxes, small toy sets and games, make-up or toiletry bags, a bluetooth portable speaker, or headphones.

Small are 23 x 30cm

Perfect for the kids fidget toys, it also would fit a new phone or watch, a keep-cup, candle, fragrance, or console games.

Tiny are 12 x 17cm

These cuties will hold the small and precious items such as jewellery, a deck of cards, wireless earpods, or a gift card, otherwise fill them with candy, or small fidgets for the kids’ stocking fillers.

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