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Christmas Re-Crackers: Starry Night


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Starry Night Christmas Re-Crackers™

This fabric was new for 2022 and is in a simple but elegant black and white with gold trim.

How it Works:

  1. Choose your Re-Cracker fabric. The Re-Crackers come as empty tubes, in a beautiful storage box.
  2. Purchase the Reusable Crowns. This is optional but recommended for the classic Christmas cracker experience.
  3. Your Re-Crackers, the crowns, and the storage box form your base unit which you will reuse for decades to come.
  4. Purchase our Filler Pack so your 12” snaps, jokes, and waste-free tiny gifts arrive on your doorstep each November. Alternatively, just buy the Snap Pack and fill it with your own treats.
  5. Fill your Re-Crackers before Christmas dinner and enjoy!
  6. Throw the crowns and cotton Re-Cracker sleeves in the wash after use, then dry thoroughly before packing away to use next year.

About Christmas Re-Crackers

Introducing our incredible patent-pending Christmas Re-Crackers. All the fun of snapping the crackers and wearing the silly hat without the waste!

Re-Crackers snap apart just like a regular cracker and give the same experience as traditional Christmas crackers.

They're heavy-duty so if a heavy tray of roast potatoes is put on top, they won't break; and they're machine washable if someone drops them in the gravy. Did someone say genius?

Each Re-Cracker is 30cm long and crafted with our selected Christmas fabrics so you can find the best fit for your home and Christmas theme.

You Say Tomato......

Gidday to our Aussie mates across the ditch!!! Even though we speak the same language, sometimes we don't - think togs vs bathers, jandals vs flip flops, duvets vs doonas...... 

What we know as Christmas crackers, you guys call Bon Bons. Same Same!

Keepsake Box

The Set of 8 Re-Crackers can safely store away in their own sturdy keepsake box to keep them in good nick year after year.

Reusable Crowns - Purchase Separately

We have two styles of crowns to choose from.

High-quality wadded Cotton Crowns with velcro fastening to fit any size head. They are machine washable and in a variety of plain colours - perfect to reuse for kids' parties!

A more budget friendly option, is our Wool Felt crowns, with an elastic fastening. They are able to be spot washed, and come in a small and large sizes. 

Filler Packs - Purchase Separately

You need to load the Re-Crackers for use. Our Filler Packs come with the snaps required to make the Re-Crackers 'bang', the jokes and mini novelty items which are all plastic-free and eco-friendly. A subscription is best so you can set and forget!

Buy a set today to reuse for years to come.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Gabrielle Anderson
Crackers arrived but not received

I was excited to buy these Christmas crackers as I had been looking at them for a long time. Unfortunately I was not home when they were delivered and they were stolen from my front door before I got home. I have given them 5 stars as I’m sure they were amazing.

Betsy Smith


Lyn Mitchell
Christmas Re-Crackers

Love the Christmas Re-Crackers, great quality very happy with my purchase. The only down side is the packaging of the product for transport, the box that contains the package is good quality but was not wrapped in anything to protect it in transport and has arrived with scratches and damage to the box which is a pity. Perhaps for future transport the Cracker Box could be wrapped in bubble wrap or something to protect it in transport considering the care and quality that has gone into the product packaging.


Beautifully made and detailed. Can't wait to try them out.

Jan Smith

My Christmas Crackers have been returned to you as I felt there was false advertising on the website and facebook page as 8 crackers were not $199 - they should have been $199 plus GST! You do not buy a dress on line and pay extra for the GST. Look at the first line of your invoice - it certainly suggestes that the GST should be included in the price. I was hasty in buying them as I did not realize that I had to also by the fillings on the first ones which was yet another expense. Sorry - they should be back with you any day now but they looked beautiful and well presented.