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Sew-Your-Own reusable gift bags

Sew Your Own

So, you love the idea of reusable gift bags but you're quite nifty with a sewing machine and want to make your own. I hear you because I am that person. I see something I like then figure out how to make it myself. My husband is the same and we refer to it as "stubbornly DIY". 

But we want you to buy local and support NZ made so we are super happy to introduce our DIY packs with all our NZ-designed fabric. Now you don't need to buy generic fabrics from that big Australian-owned store. Our fabrics are designed by NZ artists and we are a 100% NZ owned company. 

Each Sew Your Own pack comes with 10 pre-cut bags (3.97m of fabric), a spool of 100% recycled Gutermann thread, a safety pin for threading the ribbon, your selection of ribbons (13 metres), 10 "Handmade by me" labels and a set of instructions. So crack out your Bernina and put your sewing music on! 

Each pack contains:

  • Pre-cut fabric for a 10-bag set*
  • One spool of 100% recycled Gutterman thread
  • Ribbon of your choice
  • Safety pin for threading
  • Instruction sheet
  • x10 'Handmade by me" tags 

*The set of 10 is exactly the same as our fully made sets which retail for $145 (huge, large, medium, x2 small, x2 tiny, x2 book, x1 bottle). 

You can choose your fabric and ribbon

Chose one of our beautiful fabric ranges in our store and when you order let us know what colour ribbon you want included. Choose from our stunning satin Green, Red, Gold, Black, or White. 

Video Tutorial