Each year, enough disposable Christmas crackers are chucked out to equate to 1,220 Mount Everests stacked on top of each other. That doesn't even include the plastic bonbons, plasticised wrapping paper, or sticky tape.

Christmas should be an amazingly festive occasion, but without ruining the environment for our kids, and grandkids...

Client Reviews & thank you emails

Theresa… “patiently waiting to see some gorgeous birthday bags !!!! My goodness Christmas Eve was awesome ..... so stress free !!!”

Fi… Stoked for you you total set of legends! Love our bags! Got HEAPS of them and it’s so exciting!

Louise… We loved using our bags at Christmas time. Now my Mum and sister are planning to do it too.

Amanda…  loved them so much, I doubt I will use wrapping paper again. Will be ordering heaps more, especially your ‘larger’ ones. Would also be uber keen for some non-Christmassy ones for birthdays etc.

Sarah… Fabulous, I love mine. We had only a small box of rubbish this year compared to our usual pile. The bags look amazing under the tree.


Christmas Re-Crackers took both a gold medal and the editor's choice award at the Australian Clean & Conscious Awards.

Set of eight brightly coloured reusable cotton crowns.

Set of 8 cotton crowns

Eight red wool felt reusable crowns

CLEARANCE Set of 8 felt crowns

$37.50 $49.95

Christmas gift bags

Wrap awkward gifts in seconds, put your feet up on Christmas Eve.

Reviews continued...

Amy… We loved it! And they bags are just so beautiful!

Andrea… I LOVE my bags!! They look gorgeous, take seconds to pack and no clean-up, just popped away for next year. Genius

Grace… So great not having to clean up as much paper! Will hopefully use only bags next year.

Lynda… Whanau tried to steal them! Best Christmas purchase!

Natalia… When will more be in stock? They look amazing!

Erin… Can’t wait for preorders to open for next year. We need a family pack.

Christmas Re-Crackers

Patent pending design emulates a 'real' cracker's feel and sound

Fill with your own bonbons, or use our eco filler packs.

Machine washable removable fabric sleeve.

reviews continued...

Etana… Mine arrived!!!! So beautifully made, we will treasure them.

Shannon… Trying to wrap a ball made me wish I had these bags!

Victoria… Your awesome! Such a great initiative. Maybe do advent calendars instead of the cardboard plastic ones. (Thanks Victoria… we like your suggestion and will have calendars for 2021! 

Pip… Love your story 😍 - would definitely have bought some for this xmas - gutted you are sold out.

Juliet… Amazing! Love your work. Love your story . Love how you source helpers and workers locally. Ps each time ive looked to buy they have all been sold.out. I'll be sure to be in early next year

Karyn… What a fabulous story and a beautiful product - easy to see why you've sold out! Pre-ordered for 2021 from Australia.