New Settlers Families and Communities Trust is our partner for supplying machinists to sew all our products. Many former refugees arrive in New Zealand either with few work skills, or skills that don’t immediately translate into the NZ workforce. We work with NFACT to train women to sew, as well as how to invoice, banking, manage their tax, health and safety and other workplace skills. Our machinists work as contract sewers which means they are paid per piece, not on salary. This enables them to take on other work when not sewing for us.



Starship Foundation (New Zealand)

Every hour of every day, extraordinary stories of courage, skill and compassion unfold at our national children’s hospital. Starship is the life-line for children all over New Zealand with more than 144,000 patient visits and appointments each year. The Starship Foundation invests in impact programmes designed to accelerate and deliver sustainable world-class healthcare for our children.

We support Starship through the donation tokens in our New Zealand Re-Cracker filler packs. When the lucky person finds a token in their Re-Cracker this Christmas they can enjoy knowing that we have donated $3 to Starship.